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HongyunHonghe Offers Aid to Teachers, Students at Medical University

HongyunHonghe Tobacco Group in southwest China's tobacco-producing Yunnan Province - the largest Chinese tobacco manufacturer - once again extended financial aid to outstanding teachers and outstanding students from poverty-stricken families at Kunming Medical University in separate aid programs known as the "Hongyun Teachers Award" and Honghe Student Scholarship".

On January 11, a ceremony was held at Kunming Medical University to deliver the financial aid to the 30 outstanding teachers and 120 outstanding students from poverty-stricken families at Kunming Medical University who were eligible to receive the aid under the two programs for the year 2012.

In address delivered at the ceremony, Deputy Secretary Yang Qiongying of the Communist Party Committee at Kunming Medical University expressed tribute and thanks to HongyunHonghe for its contribution to the cause of education.

Speaking on the same occasion, HongyunHonghe Deputy CEO Feng Bin said that HongyunHonghe, in the capacity of a successful State-run enterprise that creates economic and social efficiencies keeping going up year-on-year, has an unshirkable responsibility to support education and extend aid to both teachers and students.

At the ceremony, HongyunHonghe Inspector Tian Fu delivered the aid check to Vice-President Dai Jiangming of Kunming Medical University on behalf of the tobacco group.

The teachers and students receiving the aid went to the stage in groups to take the aid sums.

This was the second time for HongyunHonghe Tobacco Group to offer aid to teachers and students at Kunming Medical University under the "Hongyun Teachers Award" and Honghe Student Scholarship" programs. Over the past two years, HongyunHonghe has extended aid totaling 1.1 million yuan (177,000 U.S. dollars) to 275 teachers and students at the university.

Source from: HongyunHonghe Tobacco Group

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